Wild Beauties

I’m a writer, so you’d think I don’t go out in the sun very much — but living in Southern California and having to drive a lot to meetings and events, the burn is inevitable! That’s why I need high quality, all-natural botanical products like Wild Beauty. Plus, I’m in my 50s — which is approximately 125 in Hollywood years — so I’ve got to put my best face forward!
~ Staci Layne Wilson

I’m an outdoor active woman. I enjoy horses and gardening. The effects of wind and sun over the years has taken its toll. Finding the right product that does what it says at the right price is important to me. I also like the fact that this isn’t a line of products that requires multiple steps or additional “treatments” to get it done.
~ Tori F.

And imagine! The products have arrived! Such awesome stuff!!! I can now get away without foundation and still get super-pass on my appearance-inspection! Also, my skin is so much happier and healthier and my allergic reactions on my skin have lessened down to near 0! All that is definitely the merit of this unique set of natural miracles in your Wild Beauty bottles!!
Thank You So Much :)! ~ Ildiko S.