Welcome to Wild Beauty Botanicals

Our Wild Beauty Botanicals complexion formulas are specific to the special needs of mature, aging and weather distressed skin.

A  lifetime of sun, wind, surf, high-altitude and desert climes, and the definitive marks of an active, outdoorsy life well-lived, are all factors influencing the ingredients chosen for our specialized formulas.

A desire for natural, life-friendly and cruelty-free formulas that effectively hydrate, moisturize and nourish the complexion despite the harsh environment of the Mojave Desert fueled the product creation and testing.

The uncompromising requirements and real life needs resulted in skin care products with pure, natural and organic ingredients perfectly blended to maximize beneficial results. 
There are no synthetic or chemical-based fragrances or perfumes in our Wild Beauty products, so the natural scent bouquet is simply heavenly.

The rich and luxurious texture of each skin care formulation is derived from naturally rich ingredients, with no artificial or chemical-based additives or alterations.

Each Wild Beauty Botanicals skin care formulation is a superior blend of Mother Nature’s gifts combined with experienced, healing wisdom.

Women from all walks of life, professions, and lifestyles helped test for the desired results.  From Florida to New Mexico to California, from deserts to oceans to mountains, unique and distinctly individual women tried our complexion formulas.   A few  of those special women are featured as our Wild Beauties, so take a look and find out what they had to say about our products.

We also found in our formulation and testing that women (and men!) of any age can benefit from their use.

Pure and simple, we take pride in our luxe line of complexion formulations, and welcome you to the untamed skin care of Wild Beauty Botanicals.