Botanicals: What are they, really?

Nature is the physical world in which we live, and includes all living things, the land and the oceans.  Some consider nature to be the forces that control the physical world, and life itself.

When we speak of Mother Nature, we speak of nature personified as a controlling and creative force.

Living on Planet Earth, we experience the gamut of Mother Nature from the minute to the mighty. We experience the power of storms, the unfolding of the seasons, and the ceaseless rolling ocean waves as the tide ebbs and flows. We experience the exquisite petals of a red rose, the smell of spring rain, and the glory of a full moon.  It is all an integral part of our life, and influences us on a daily basis.

Mother Nature and our beautiful planet have gifted us with an extraordinary abundance of healing plants, flowers, leaves, fruits, barks, and other plant life-forms.  Using knowledge, wisdom, and experience passed down through those generations who came before us, we can use these gifts to enhance our well-being, the quality of our lives, and even our appearance.

One of Nature’s greatest gifts is the plethora of plant life that grows and flourishes on this planet, the source of botanicals.

Botanicals come from Mother Nature’s plants. These plants, and the array of substances derived from them–are natural, meaning they exist in nature, and are not caused or created by people.  These plants are not changed from their natural state by growing methods or the way in which they are produced.

Most simply, natural means existing or produced by Nature—and not artificial.

Opposite to natural is synthetic, or artificial–something man-made and produced in a lab.  It is something produced artificially.

Synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, synthetic ingredients, man-made chemical substances, and artificial ingredients of any kind are not botanicals, are not natural—and we do not use them in our Wild Beauty skin care formulations.

Once you experience using pure and truly natural botanical ingredients in your skin care regimen, you can experience the beneficial difference for yourself.


~Wild Beauty